All hands down, it is essential to learn the rules of playing roulette and the most working strategies before getting down to work. However, not less important is the knowledge of the best venues for launching a game of online roulette. Here are several most trustworthy websites to play roulette in 2020:

  • Jackpot City;
  • PlayAmo Casino;
  • King Billy;
  • Betway Casino;
  • Party Casino;

All of these venues offer the most profitable conditions for a player to enjoy spinning the roulette wheel virtually.

Best Bets You Can Place In Online Roulette

In the casino roulette game, you get 38 numbers, as well as a single and a double zero to bet on. Additionally, except the last two numbers (they are colored green) all the others are either even or odd, either red-colored or black. You can bet on any number. However, no experienced gambler would recommend making an occasional bet. Instead, it’s advisable to find out the best bets to make while you are playing either the best free roulette game or prefer roulette for real money. Here we have listed the best possible bets you can place:

  1. Red/Black, Even/Odds, 1-18/19-36 – this bet gives a 50% chance to win, is paid with the ration 1:1 (by betting $10, you win $10), and is safer than all other bets;
  2. Columns – the payout ratio of this bet is 2:1 yet the winning chances are under 30%;
  3. Red and the second column/Black and the third column – the second column involves 8 black and four red numbers while the third column is reversed, so the bet implies placing your bet on the red-rich column and double the bet on the black-rich one to break even or make gains;
  4. Straight up – this bet is for those who care more about winning big than playing safe since it implies betting on a single number. The risk is too high (the chances are 1 in 37), so is the payout (35:1, i.e. betting $10 you get 350);
  5. Split bet – this bet is a bit milder than Straight and implies placing the bet on two numbers close to each other. The payout here is 17 to 1 while the risk is 1 in 18.

These were the best bets you can make playing roulette whether online or in a land-based casino. Choose the one that best complies with the risk level you’re ready to take.

Best Roulette Android Application For Canadian Players

With mobile gambling widely available today, it doesn’t make sense to travel to a land-based casino just to play your favorite roulette game. Nowadays there are better opportunities for Canadian players with Android devices to enjoy real money roulette on the go. Here we have separated the best ways of enjoying the best online roulette games through an Android app.

Ruby Fortune

The application available for Canadian players offers live dealer games and 11 roulette variations. The welcome bonus offered is C$750. Ruby Fortune has a 95.93% payout ratio.


The most popular online casino app JackpotCity welcomes players with a C$1600 bonus and 14 roulette variations! Here live dealer games are available, too. The payout here is 96.85%.


With a payout ratio of 95.42%, this casino app introduced 10 roulette variations plus live dealer games. The welcome bonus for Canadian players is C$1000.

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