How to win online roulette? It is not so complicated. According to the rules of the roulette game, in order to split, it is necessary to place the chips on the line separating the two numbers. If the ball chooses at least one of the numbers, the payout is 17 to 1. The ball will hit one of three numbers in a row of the game table.

How to win the game betting on red and black?

The Live Roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors, numbered from zero to 36. You can combine any bets, including bets on individual numbers or groups of numbers. Purpose of the game – The croupier throws the ball onto the spinning wheel in the opposite direction to its spin. The ball, having made several turns in a spiral, falls into a special “pocket” or recess with printed numbers.

Players have the opportunity to:

  • Predict which number will be drawn.
  • Place a bet on several numbers, a combination.
  • Predict the characteristics of the next number (Black / Red/ Odd, Big / Small).

Payouts depend on how the bets were placed. In some casinos, depending on the intensity of the game and the number of players, the dealer works in tandem with an assistant who takes over some of the functions.

The question arises, how many times in a row this or that combination can fall out (“red” or “black”). Theoretically, the number is unlimited, however, according to statistics, everything is limited to no more than 10 repetitions. The main rule of a successful roulette game is to always bet on numbers that have a much higher probability of falling out. But for this, the player must have statistics for the sequence of balls dropped.

Live Roulette lets you feel like a real casino playing from your electronic device. Follow the game in real time and chat with the dealer.

Roulette winning odds

The rules of the video roulette game of how to win at roulette machines are quite simple: you have a wheel with red and black cells numbered from 1 to 36 and one or two green cells with a zero – depending on whether you are playing European roulette with one zero or American roulette with two zeroes. In addition to the wheel, there is a playing field on the table, there are numbers in the arithmetic sequence from 1 to 36 – here you will place your bets.

How to win online roulette casino? Players can start betting immediately after the ball falls, as soon as the dealer collects all losing bets from the field and starts making the first payments.

In roulette you can place bets both on one number and on different groups of numbers. There are many betting combinations, each with different odds of winning and different payouts. In general, the more numbers you bet, the more chances you have of winning and therefore the lower the payoffs that the game implies.

The odds of winning on red or black in roulette are 50/50. In fact, the American roulette table has two green squares, a zero and a double zero, which reduces the odds of winning on red or black to 47.4%.

In fact, the American roulette table has two green squares, a zero and a double zero, which reduces the odds of winning on red or black to 47.4%.

In European roulette, the odds are slightly higher as there is no double zero, which increases your chances of winning to 48.6%. Unfortunately, the 50/50 odds are just a false hope.

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