Casino Roulette is an online roulette game from casino – a roulette game emulator. This is the European version of roulette. There is no “oral bets” option, as in the French, and there is no second zero sector, as in the American one.

How to play at Casino Roulette

On Casino Roulette online roulette, at the beginning of the game, a field appears on the screen, identical to the roulette table in land-based casinos. All types of bets existing in the offline game are available to the user here as well.

To place a bet, the player drags the required number of chips to the selected point of the playing field by clicking the mouse. At his disposal are chips of six denominations from 0.10 to 100 coins.

The total amount of the bet made is displayed in the Bet column and duplicated in the Total Bet field just below. The maximum bet size is 100 coins. This is the number of coins available to the player at the beginning of the game. In the future, even if the bankroll exceeds 100 coins, you will not be able to bet more.

As soon as the first chip is placed, the Cancel Bet button appears on the control panel; it cancels the last bet placed. If you click and do not release this button, then all bets are canceled. If you click on a piece that has already been placed on the playing field, another piece of the same type will be added to this place.

Next, the player presses the arrow key (Spin) to start a one-time spin of the reels. The Autoplay key, although present on the control panel, is inactive in the demo version of the game. The version of the roulette game presented on the site does not require the player to invest funds and is intended only for acquaintance with the game process.

After pressing the start key, the appearance of the playing field changes: the place of the table for bets is taken by the roulette wheel. After imitating the rotation of the wheel, it stops and the ball hits one of the sectors. The betting table returns to the screen, where the winning numbers and / or sectors (if any) are highlighted. The received winnings are displayed next to Win, and To Credit appears on the spin start button. This means an offer to the player to transfer the received reward to the account. When this is done, the inscription Last Bet appears on the same button, inviting the player to repeat the previous bet. The player can follow the offer or bet new chips.

At the top of the playing field, in the History column, the history of the game is shown – the numbers and colors of the fields that fell out during the game.

The rules also include a Gamble button, but the free version does not have a doubling function.

Types of bets in Casino Roulette

At Casino Roulette, bets are made according to the classic roulette rules and bring the following payouts:

  • black / red, over / under 18, even / odd – 2: 1 (for example, bet – 1 coin, payout – 2 coins),
  • column (vertical column) / dozen (numbers 1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 36) – 3: 1,


  • six numbers – 6: 1;
  • four numbers – 9: 1;
  • three numbers – 12: 1;
  • two numbers – 18: 1;
  • one number – 36: 1.

Bets of the first type – not on the numbers themselves, but on their groups – are called “outside”. To make such bets, the player places a chip outside the field with numbers in the outer contours, indicated by the corresponding inscriptions. Betting on numbers is called “inside” and is done like this:

  • on one number – the chip is placed on the field with this number;
  • into two numbers – on a line dividing two adjacent fields;
  • on three numbers – on the side border of a row of three numbers next to the smaller one;
  • for four numbers – in the center of a square of four fields with numbers;
  • on six numbers – on the line dividing the two smallest numbers in adjacent triplets.

Selected sectors are highlighted. Before the chip is placed, an indication of what kind of payment such a bet brings for a successful spin pops up next to it.

The gameplay of Casino Roulette is very similar to playing roulette in a real casino.

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