РББФ 2018

Partnership in Innovation

The key Russian business event in London, aimed at developing business dialogue and supporting trade and investment projects. The forum is held every year as part of the week of business and cultural events of the Eastern Seasons


Answers to the main challenges of foreign economic activities

Activating dialogue between commercial and government structures
of public events and B2B meetings
2 days
international partner organisations
Finding partners, holding negotiations, signing contracts

Determining global trends, assessing the development of markets and international trade relations

of participants are CEOs
and business owners


Results 2017

According to the results for 2017, the volume of Russian-British trade increased by 22.8%. Russian exports grew by 25.1%, imports by 17.9%.

Exports in services increased by 6% to US$3 billion, while service imports increased by 8.7% to US$4.3 billion

Russia's trade turnover with Great Britain in 2017

Volume of accumulated British investment

More than 600 British companies are currently active in Russia, including BP, BAT, Unilever, Royal Dutch Shell

More than 100 Russian companies operate in the UK. In 2016-2017, 10 large and medium-sized Russian businesses entered the British market.
Russia's positive trade balance with Britain in 2017


Report of the 3rd Russian-British Business Forum 2017

The 3rd Russian-British Business Forum provides an open platform for developing business ties and forming partnerships between Russian and UK business in the current economic realities
Organisers and partners

Sectors of the economy represented at the Forum

Financial services
IT sector
Industrial production
Sport and tourism
Medicine and pharmaceuticals
Energy, oil and gas sector, natural resources
The Forum responds to the need to develop dialogue and support for trade and investment projects in the new realities of the world economy
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