РББФ 2018

Partnership in Innovation

The key Russian business event in London, aimed at developing business dialogue and supporting trade and investment projects. The forum is held every year as part of the week of business and cultural events of the Eastern Seasons


Answers to the main challenges of foreign economic activities

Activating dialogue between commercial and government structures
international partner organisations
Finding partners, holding negotiations, signing contracts

Determining global trends, assessing the development of markets and international trade relations

of participants are CEOs
and business owners

Andrey Slepnev
Director of the Russian Export Center Group
"The Russian Export Centre has been launched to maintain the sustainable economic growth in Russia based on successful export of goods and services in manufacturing industry and in other sectors of the Russian economy. Despite the challenges that the UK market has been facing recently its active import policy still preserves the UK as prominent and attractive export partner for the Russian business. For the first half of 2018, Russia's export to the UK expanded by 24%, including substantial improvements in Russia's non-resource non-energy export to the UK — up to 59%. In particular for the Russian exporters, the potential business activities are in high-tech industries, including IT and robotization, frontline innovations in medicine and creative industries"
R. Minnikhanov
the President of the Republic of Tatarstan
"The Republic of Tatarstan traditionally ranks amongst the top three regions of Russia for doing business. Our permanent work with both domestic and foreign businesses and investors supports this success. In recent years, we have seen the continued interest of the British business community in our region. Today, Tatarstan offers opportunities for international business projects in; IT technologies, medicine, energy, agriculture and infrastructure, to name but a few sectors. The UK is well-known for its extensive experience in these areas. We plan to strengthen our close relationship both by promoting our products and cooperating with experts who have high-tech solutions for the industrial development and various services for the prosperity of our Republic"
Svetlana Сhupsheva
General Director of Agency for strategic initiatives
"Russia and the United Kingdom have a proud history of cooperation, spanning decades. This cooperation has mainly been in two areas. The first of these areas is joint projects in the Russian regions which over time, have contributed to the social economic prosperity of our countries through the creation of jobs and the production of goods and services.

Secondly, there has been close cooperation in science, education and training. By exploring the British experience, we want to improve the quality of life in Russia and create new opportunities for the people. The development of the digital economy, the emergence of new skills in educational programs, environmental improvements, cultural and scientific projects are just some of the area in which, through greater cooperation with the United Kingdom, we can strive to achieve successes"
Roger Munnings
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce
"Platforms like RBBF are vital for facilitating detailed dialogue between countries. These are difficult times for mutual understanding, but it is worth remembering that Russia and the UK have a great many things in common and shared business interests. We also need to make use of all effective forms of cooperation. Legitimate trade and investment between our countries continues to be encouraged by both countries and one important way to rebuild and strengthen trust and, consequently, restore trade and economic cooperation between Russia and the UK is, of course, meetings, discussions, and negotiations between business leaders and investors in both countries as part of the Russian-British Business Forum programme"
Boris Titov
Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Protection of Entrepreneurs' Rights
"Today innovation is required in all spheres of business. One of the most pressing priorities for Russia is the creation of an environment which facilities development in breakthrough technologies. International cooperation is becoming a significant factor in the formation and progress of national innovative systems and I strongly believe that the IV Russian-British Business Forum will enhance cooperation between Russia and Great Britain, contributing to the increase of trade volume between our countries"
Lord Waverley
Member of the House of Lords of the UK Parliament,
Founder and Chairman of SupplyFinder, Deputy Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Russia
"The Russian-British business forum is an excellent platform to bring understanding and open discussion to build on opportunities between UK and Russian business communities. The development of those trade relations are basic steps towards improvement of the business climate to improve interaction between our two countries"
Boris Abramov
Russia's Trade Representative in the UK
"The Russian and British business requires predictable trade policy and bilateral constructive dialog. I expect this year the Russian-British business forum will enhance new bilateral business initiatives and serve as the principal pivot for interesting startups in the field of first of all innovations and technologies"
HE Dr. Alexander Yakovenko
Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United Kingdom
"Rapid scientific and technological progress and changes caused by it open for all societies and individuals on the planet new breath-taking perspective. The traditional Russian-British Business Forum aims to demonstrate that Russia has been able to successfully position itself in the ocean of new opportunities and formulate its own efficient paradigm of sustainable development based on advanced technologies. Russia is striving to achieve optimal balance among social, economic and ecological factors as well as openness for mutually beneficial relations with all interested partners abroad."
Announcement of the 4thRussian-British Business Forum "Partnership in Innovation"
London, 25 June 2018 — The 4thRussian-British Business Forum (RBBF, www.rbbf2018.ru), the largest annual Russian business event in London, will be held on 26−27 November at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.

Sectors of the economy represented at the Forum

Financial services
IT sector
Industrial production
Sport and tourism
Medicine and pharmaceuticals
Energy, oil and gas sector, natural resources
The Forum responds to the need to develop dialogue and support for trade and investment projects in the new realities of the world economy
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