About the Forum

The Forum aims to develop Russian-British economic relations and trade and investment cooperation between Russia and the international business community.
Each year at the Forum, Russian and British experts assess the dynamics of market development and international trade relations, determine trends in the economy and the interests of investors, and work out ways to expand bilateral and multilateral trade and economic cooperation.
The RBBF is organised by the Russian Trade Delegation in the United Kingdom with the support of Russian agencies involved in foreign trade, the Russian Embassy in the UK, the Roscongress Foundation, and over 30 Russian and international partners.

Forum participants:

Representatives of government bodies, international, British and Russian political elite
Heads of companies, business owners and representatives of various sectors of the economy
Heads of public organisations, associations and development institutions
Representatives of international and Russian media
In 2017, the Forum hosted more than 500 participants and 35 high-level speakers, receiving support from 30 Russian and international organisations.
The Forum is held every year as part of Russia's Eastern Seasons week of business and cultural events, founded with the participation of BSI Global Group.