The Great Britain is ready to cooperate with the Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom

MOSCOW, 15 November — RIA Novosti. Representatives of the British Embassy in Moscow told the reporter of RIA Novosti that the UK has always been ready to cooperate with the Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom.
Previously, the Russian Trade Representative in the United Kingdom Boris Abramov stated that Russia and the UK have resumed a dialogue on the development of bilateral trade relations for the first time since 2014.

B. Abramov also noted that "we are not talking about any restart of the dialogue between the two countries. Russia and the UK maintained constructive trade relations throughout the whole period of sanctions".

Representatives of the British Embassy in Russia said that "we met in the run-up to the RussiaTALK Forum which will be held in Moscow at the end of October, and the Russian Business Forum which will be held in London in late November. We are always ready to cooperate with the Russian Trade delegation and continue the dialogue which we have been supporting over the past four years".

Responding to the question about the relevant trade areas between two countries, the UK Embassy noted that their "key priority is to increase trade in areas which have not been subjected to sanctions and to maintain a dialogue with Russia along the lines on which they have been imposed".

"We continue to support and provide advisory assistance to British companies which intend to invest in Russia on the assumption that they act in accordance with the sanctions restrictions as well as with the legislation of the UK and the European Union".

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