The Russian Federation became the second country in terms of export growth to United Kingdom

LONDON, 20 September — RIA Novosti, Natalia Kopylova. The Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom, referring to the official British statistics, stated that Russia took second place in terms of export growth to the UK in the first half of 2018.
The volume of Russian non-energy exports to Britain increased by 21.7%, reaching $991.1 mln for the first time over several years. In general, Russian exports to Britain grew by 42.7% to $4.6 bln during that period.

According to the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the UK, Boris Abramov, the latest data on trade between the two countries indicates the possibility of further expansion of its cooperation. B.Abramov claims that «in the nearest future such non-commodity and non-energy export destinations (such as mechanical engineering, the pharmaceutical industry and medicine, the sphere of deliveries of goods of the daily demand, providing of engineering and consulting, financial, business and tourist services, promotion of the software), have the greatest potential for the Russian exporters».

The main groups of growth of non-commodity, non-energy exports are platinum metals, the organic chemistry - the increase in twice; the plywood - an increase of 10%; fish and seafood — the increase of 44%. The highest dynamics is present in the Russian export of goods of the energy sector — the increase of 43%; precious stones and their products — the increase of 159%; stone, ceramics and glass products — the increase of 128.4%.

Trade between the two countries grew by 28.8% in six months compared to the same period last year period — $6.38 bln. At the same time, British exports to Russia grew by 3.3%. Russia's trade surplus with the UK reached $2.8 bln in the first year half while this indicator amounted to $4.64 bln for all of 2017.

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