Russian Developers Presented the Virtual Rehabilitation System in London

During the Russian-British Business Forum, the largest Russian business event in London, the ATTILAN multi-user rehabilitation VR platform was unveiled for the European market. The system helps people to learn how to use prostheses with constant online monitoring of the process, which is going to ensure high-tech rehabilitation for patients anywhere in the world.
London, 26 November 2018— The annual Russian-British Business Forum (RBBF) was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, bringing together business circles of the two countries for the fourth time and became a platform for discussions, unveiling Russian developments and signing bilateral agreements.

The theme of RBBF 2018 was 'Partnership in Innovation'; the Forum was focused on non-energy exports, digitalization of various industries, the latest technologies, practices in fintech and the expansion of trade in services. One of the Forum’s major debuts was the presentation of Motorica’s ATTILAN virtual reality system, which efficiently serves patients with various rehabilitation devices. According to expert forecasts, by 2025, 20% of the planet’s entire population will be using high-tech medical devices: robotic limbs, invasive devices, pacemakers and others.

"With all of the accumulated knowledge and developments, high-tech cooperation in healthcare may become one of the major areas for cooperation between Russia and the UK. Search and implementation of new solutions in the field of treatment, rehabilitation, patient care or medical management may be beneficial for the quality of life for a large number of people. Understanding this provides momentum for partner discussions and initiates business meetings and demonstrations aimed at gaining international recognition for the Russian products, such as solutions by Motorica or ExoAtlet, for example," said Boris Abramov, Russia’s Trade Representative in the UK.

Motorica’s platform has a number of innovative advantages that significantly increase the efficiency of the rehabilitation process. The user can control the virtual world directly using his prosthesis as a regular game controller. One can connect to the ATTILAN system with any rehabilitation device through special electronic module. Both adults and children can easily adapt to the system for learning the usage of prostheses.

"Motorica's prosthetic arms are the only ones in the world equipped with the functionality of digital gadgets that we all use on the daily basis. Not only they provide complete movement functionality, but also allow you to make purchases with PayPass, make calls, observe the detailed analytics of the prosthesis usage and physical activity. For more efficient rehabilitation and education, we are also developing a cloud platform that includes virtual reality, Internet of things, big data analysis. The aim of the platform is to provide rehabilitation physicians with a tool for objective monitoring of the rehabilitation process, and to ensure individual approach in rehabilitation and technical support for users. The platform is going to make high-tech rehabilitation available anywhere in the world," said Ilya Chekh, the company’s CEO.

Unveiling the solution at RBBF allowed the company to start interacting directly with its British partners who develop and use new technologies in healthcare system and patient rehabilitation.

During the Forum, other products and solutions of Russian companies were unveiled, such as the project of Center 2M based on IBM technology (in partnership with IBM) in machine vision, and PharmMedPolis, the new territory of innovation in the Republic of Tatarstan. In total, more than 70 Russian and British companies held business meetings; during the networking lunch, Russian high-tech startups, including those funded by Lanit Ventures, Skolkovo and Pulsar, held talks with representatives of Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Barclay’s, LLB Investment, Citigroup and other financial institutions.

About RBBF

The Russian–British Business Forum takes place annually in late November in London. At the Forum, representatives of the political and business establishment cover practical issues related to the development of markets and trade relations, export policy, investor relations, and ways to expand bilateral and multilateral cooperation in different industries. In 2017, the RBBF hosted more than 500 participants and 35 distinguished speakers, receiving support from 30 Russian and international organizations.

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